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SubAssembly part pattern not rebuilding...

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2010 by Daen Hendrickson

I am using SW2010 with SP4


We have some large assemblies with several tiers of subassemblies included. Most were developed in SW2008. Recently I have been working with a few of them and have noticed a repeated issue. I have created and RX and forwarded to my VAR but wanted to post here and see if anyone has seen similar behavior.


I open an upper level assembly and one of the included subassemblies is "painted gold" in the feature tree. View the "What's Wrong" dialog and SW said it had rebuild problems. A forced rebuild (ctrl-Q) at the assembly level does not correct the problem. Begin expanding the layers to find the root cause. Two or three subassembly layers deep I get to a part with patterns. The pattern in this case is of hardware - two toolbox parts and a library part downloaded from McMaster.


If I edit the pattern feature from within the top level assembly the pattern feature manager shows no data in the pattern direction box. However, if I instead OPEN the subassembly in its own window and again edit the pattern, the pattern direction box is filled in with the correct information. Opening this subassembly in its own window still shows the offending pattern in gold color in the feature tree. When I edit the pattern feature and see the correct information is all there without making any changes, all I have to do is close the feature manager for the pattern - either by green check or red X. Either one will result in the pattern rebuilding itself correctly and being happy.


This will propagate back up to the top assembly after a rebuild. All is well until the next time I open the assembly from a cold start.


I have a second assembly with the same behavior as described above. Different parts in the pattern. For kicks, I completely deleted the pattern, performed a forced rebuild, saved the file, exited SW. Then relaunched and reopened the file and remade the pattern from scratch. Save all and exit SW again. Restart SW and open the top level assembly. TADA! Same pattern having a problem.


Other information: Both subassemblies contain multiple configureations. The subassembly that I deleted and remade the pattern has three configurations. The problem pattern is UNsuppressed in config 1 and config 2 and suppressed in config 3. Within the top Assembly the subassembly that gets painted gold is only for config 2. Config 1 (which contains the exact same pattern) does not have an issue.


I have opened and resaved all the files in SW2010 format.


Looking forward to your thoughts on where I might chase this down. This is not a show stopper, but a real annoyance.


Thanks in advance,