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Can't check in files after reinstall

Question asked by 1-TTNWFX on Oct 6, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2010 by Tor Iveroth

A reinstall of Enterprise PDM was performed on a user computer which had files checked out.  The local copies were kept during the uninstall, and are located in a folder with the same name as the vault and a new local view of the file vault was added.  When the user tries to check the files back in they say they're already checked out on another computer.  Thinking that we could use admin to remove the checked out status we compared the search list on the user's PDM for checked out files and the same as admin and found that the parts checked out weren’t showing up for admin.  Ultimately I need all the checked out files on the user computer to be back safe on the server, however the parts are most important!  Any suggestions please?  Thanks.