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    Run or run all

    David Denwalt

      Being new to simulation, I have a few questions. I noticed a reference to run all. For example; I go through all the steps and set up everything for 2 or 3 studies, hit the run all button, will it run them in order of creation? Or will it run them in some predefined order? Are there any serious drawbacks to doing that way? I would like to have the studies run starting at the time I have to leave.

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          Thomas Donaldson

          Hi David,

              I've had plenty of success when using the Run All option. It will of course also flag you when one of your studies has an issue (material or bad load condition etc).

          From all I've been able to observe the option starts out meshing each individual Study in turn not all at once. Then it begins to solve each study in turn. However it appears to the user that all is happening at the same time.  It seems to behave the same way as the  Design Studies.

          However I'm not a developer for solidworks that is just my take on the way it works.


          Good Luck

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              David Denwalt

              Thanks for the reply, Thomas

              I wasn't going to click "run all" until somebody ventured an opinion. I ended up trying that option a week and a half ago. I had 4 studies set up, looked like the 1st one finished solving and then the computer never came back. I ended up having to force a shut down to get out of the lockup. I don't think I will be doing anymore "run all" on this computer. I very seldom ever have to do a forced shutdown on this one, always been very stable. Very possibly the root cause could have been my bad input on one of the studies. The same scenario has happed twice now, I think I will go back to solving one at a time. I am pretty rookie at simulation, so I have a lot of work ahead of me to get information that bossman wants.