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    creating a 2d dxf?

    Craig Coleman

      I'd like to create a 2d dxf of a drawing that will eventually be cut on a cnc router.

      I want to trace a little penguin.penguin-osi.gif

      I'm a 3dsmax and blender dude.  I'd like put this image in my sketch scene than trace it.

      I would also like to add text.  eg:  'LINUX IS A LIFESTYLE"

      Would I create this would I do this as a part assembly or drawing?



      C Coleman

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          Deepak Gupta

          Look for "Sketch picture" in SW help files.

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            David Oustifine

            Go to TOOLS>SKETCH TOOLS>SKETCH PICTURE and you can insert the picture.  Draw a rectangle and dimension it to the size you want the finished product to be and then you can double click the picture and drag the size to fit within the boundary of the sketched rectangle.  Be sure and the check the box to lock aspect ratio to ensure that you do not distort the picture.  Use sketch lines, arcs, splines, etc. to trace the outline.  There is an add-in called "auto trace" but it is something that you will have to play with, I haven't had very good luck with it but maybe you can get it to work better.


            One last thing, after you draw the rectangle and insert the picture close the skecth and make a new one to do the tracing.  This way you can always have the layout with the picture in case you need to start over, try different sketch techniques, etc.


            Once you get it sketched and turned into an extrusion it will be very easy to create a 2D drawing and do a "save as" to DXF.

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              Tony Cantrell

              You can do it as a part without an extrusion, then create a drawing and check view sketches.