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Zoom problem in new HW/SW

Question asked by 1-1VMY9O on Oct 6, 2010
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Our company has bought new computers for engineering.


The computers are Dell Precision T3500 with 12GB RAM and Nvidia Quadro FX3800. OS is Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit


Solidworks version installed is 2010 64bit SP4.0.


Since we started using the computers there has been a problem with the zoom function. On all of the computers…


Often, the screen freezes for a few seconds during zooming. The problem occurs when you click on a surface so the "quick menu" appears, and you then zoom. During the subsequent zooming, the entire screen freezes except for the small field that held the quick menu. (please look at attached picture)


The problem is the same whether you are working on a single component or a large assembly (more than 1000 components).


If the SolidWorks window is moved to the secondary monitor, the picture freezes every time you zoom and the quick menu is displayed on the monitor.



We have been in contact with our Solidworks dealer. They have suggested installing different  (older) driver versions. Also we have downloaded and installed newest driver versions from Nvidia website.


We have called Dell. They suggested to upgrade BIOS, and change some performance settings in the BIOS.


None of the above has helped us…


We would appreciate your input.


Thanks in advance