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Installation Trouble

Question asked by 1-TP0UDO on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2010 by 1-TP0UDO

I have tried to install the student design kit 3 times on 2 separate computers from to separate ISP's. In all 3 instances, after the file completes downloading in the Installation Manager, I receive a message saying the download could not be completed and that I should install remaining files manually. I am then directed to a website that suggests I download solidworkscore.exe. After i download this file through my browser, I return to the IM and click next .. after a couple of minutes i recieve a message saying that all files could not be verified and that I need to redownload. I am then directed again to dowload solidworkscore.exe.. this cycle repeats until i give up. Being that solidworks is such a promoter of education and they offer NO assistance. I am hoping someone here can help.