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Sketched entities & Drawing views

Question asked by Serge Piastra on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by Serge Piastra

I submitted an ER a long time ago about sketched entities (in a drawing), but to no avail!


What I asked was to add another "selection box" in the property manager of the line, circle, spline or whatever is sketched.

The box would allow, via a pull down, to select the View that entity should be associated with.

Just like the "Options" pull down, where one can make a Layer selection.

I find it so annoying when you sketch a spline for instance, in order to create a broken out section,

click on the button, only to realise that the focus of that view wasn't locked... and nothing happens!
When zoomed in close, it's not always easy to see the corners of the view, to check whether the view is locked or not.

Having the option to "send" the sketched entity to a particular view would save re-drawing things twice!


Have I been doing something wrong all those years (!), or has someone else experienced this as well?

Thanks for the input.