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Combine parts to create configurations

Question asked by Bekalu Alemayehu on Oct 5, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2018 by W. Scott Hutchins

I have two Independent part files, say part 'A' & part 'B' with design variations. Instead of keeping two independent part files with different file names I decided to use just one file name and keep the variants as a configuration. I know I can delete the latest revision, revision 'B', keep revision 'A', create a configuration within revision 'A', that would show the changes that would have been on revision 'B' but I do not want to start from 'A' & re-do the changes on it's configuration. Is there any way I can import part 'B' into part 'A' as is and force it to be a configuration of part 'A'? or any input on how to handle this is appreciated. Thank you.