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BOM - Follow Assembly Order: Opposite configurations always go to end.

Question asked by Brandon Campbell on Oct 5, 2010



I have reordered my assembly model tree to match what I would like to see in my drawing BOM.


This assembly has two configurations: "shown" (-10) & "opposite" (-20).


The "opposite" assembly configuration requires some of the parts and sub-assemblies to be set to their "opposite" (-20) configurations, of course.


When I insert my BOM into the drawing (and select to show both -10 & -20 configs) everything appears in the order of the model tree except all of the -20 configurations... they are all grouped at the end.


Is there a way (other than manually) to remedy this?


I am trying to set up templates for our other modelers to use and I would like to have everything as automated as possible. I don't want to have to manually re-order items if a new item is added in the assembly model.


Thank you so much for any help/advice,