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    Creating a spiked facet surface

      Hey there,


      I'm trying to cover a surface with an assortment of different sized spikes, but I'm having a hard time figuring out how to do it easily. I made a lot of different sized spikes as parts and then manually placed them in an assembly but I need to do hundreds so I was wondering if there was a quicker way to do it. If I’m unclear, I'm essentially trying to recreate this type of surface on mostly curved surfaces:


      spike surface.jpg




      (and sorry if this is the wrong sub-section, I *think* it is a surfacing issue)

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          Mans Collner

          To model what you show in the picture will take some time, since there is no way (that I know of) to get away with doing just one and have it scale and flow like that with a pattern.

          Even a apperance with bump or displacement wont achieve exactly that, but maybe close if you put some time into it. But probably faster to model one by one (or a quarter maybe?).


          One way to cut on time might be to do what you suggest, manually place your pyramides, convert to part, merge bodies (to get a surface, if a propper inside is required).

          Flex the result to get a more life-like result?

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            Robert Stupplebeen

            This thread might help.  It was for creating random spikes on a planar surface.  https://forum.solidworks.com/message/144280#144280

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              Matthew Perez

              Dealing with surfaces one thing that came to mind is to loft from a square(split on the face of a surface) to a point on another surface.  The attached file shows how i used the split line on the second surface as a path for a pattern, then trimmed with the bottom surface.  With some careful planning this may work out reasonable but really the only thing i can think of off the top of my head is a lot of work:)  Do you need exactly like the picture or is that just a general idea?

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                Daniel Melendez

                Hi Dean I like both Matthew and Roberts ideas. But if you're wanting to do it as an assembly then you can create one spike with different configurations of the different sizes of that spike in one model. Then place as few of the one spike part as possible into the assembly model. Pattern them and then change each part as separate configuration showing all the different sizes you'd like to appear. Thanks, Daniel

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                    Matthew Perez

                    Daniel, i could be wrong but i think he did that because he wasnt sure how to make the different sized spikes in the model on the surface.  The only issue i see with doing this in an assembly is that the spikes wont match the surface curvature.  This is why I would use a surface to trim them.  I guess in the end it depends on what the file will be used for.  If its a visual representation then the spikes not matching the surface arent an issue.  In the question he states a faceted surface.  Going through the trouble to make a faceted surface would make it very easy to produce spikes with a simple sketch on each(maybe).