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Does anyone Know how to make Solidworks to export 3D solid into DXF file with exact 3D feature not as 2D flat shot of the model ??

Question asked by 1-TRIUM0 on Oct 4, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2010 by Anna Wood

Hello there,


               I currently have solidworks 2010-2011 for Educational purposes and I have AutoCAD 2011 as well, recently I have created a 3D solid using solidworks and i was trying to export that to AutoCAD as *.DXF file formate with 3D solid Capability however I had no success to make solidworks to export the model into *.DXF file with exact 3D solid ... what solidworks did it created the *.dxf file with 2D flat shot instead of the full 3D model .



so does anyknow know how to explort a 3D solid created in solidworks into AutoCAD *.DXF file with 3D capability ?? ( not as 2D flat shot of the 3D model ) ..???

if there is steps involved please bear with me as i'm a novice with solidworks so please write down the steps involved.



looking forward to hear from any solidworks expert . thank you very much for your time and cooperation.