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    importing autocad drawing into model

    John Lott

      I am trying to import an autocad drawing of a hole layout, i want to insert this layout to the origin (center) of a disc that i have modeled. i have used the solidworks converter to get the drawing into solidworks but cant seem to get it into my model. i have attached both the autocad drawing and the solidworks part

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          Anna Wood

          First thing to do is go into your dwg and put your pattern on the zero origin of the AutoCAD dwg.  Place a point at zero in the dwg, change the point style so you can see it, zoom extents, then move your hole pattern to the zero that is down on the bottom left of the dwg. Doing this first will set up your dwg so it will be imported directly to the origin of the SolidWorks file.  This will save using a Move Sketch command in SolidWorks.


          I always purge the dwg (Purge) to get rid of any unneeded data. I also usually put the data I want to import on the 0 layer before the purge as well.  The idea being to have a very clean dwg file. Less to go wonky when importing into SolidWorks.


          In the SolidWorks Part file, select the plane/face that you want to have as your sketch plane.  Then go Insert > DWG/DXF and go through the wizard.  Toggle Insert to Part As 2D Sketch





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              John Lott




              Thanks sooo much......where I was going wrong was not having my dwg on the 0,0  and i was also inporting into solid works seperately from the model, then trying to put it into the model........ I'm new to solidwork and am trying to learn as much as I can out company is going from autocad LT 2009  to solidworks 2010...... a very big change for us..... I am become a fan of this forum I have recieved a lot of help



              thanks again !!!!



              now back to the football game !!!     Redskins 14  eagles 0