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    help pleas getting dimentions off solidworks drawings??


      I need help with this quandry pleas.


      I have a customer who has SW and has sent me SW drawing.

      in his brife he said I can just download a free program of the web to see all the drawings and dimentions.


      I have downloaded from the SW site the free viewers, but I can see the picturs but no scale or dimentions.

      i need to convert them in to dwg drawings so i can intern send them on to the laser cutting firm to have the 5mm steel sheet cut.


      as the fabricator i am the middle man, I do not have SW nor is the laser cutting people interested in having to convert SW drawings to dwg for there machine

      for me have this work, i need to be aible to do this, but the job dose not justify the cost of SW


      how do i do this pls