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    Viewing intermediate results?

    Tony Gatta

      Maybe this is a "wouldn't it be nice" comment -- but thought I'd ask anyway..

      any way to "preview" results from timesteps that have been computed already?


      Often find myself running long analysis (2+ hrs typically) .. sometimes only to find

      I've mis-defined (or omitted!) a critical restraint.  I've taken to stopping the simulation

      after a few steps and checking the results to verify the study is configured



      And stopping these simulations is no easy task!




      (we also run CFDesign for .. well, CFD.. and it does a nice job of updating the screen

      and making the results available upon completion of each iteration).

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi Tony,


          The only way I know of checking the progress of a study is to do exactly what it sounds like you are doing.  If I am running an Iterative Solver analysis I will just stop it and save results to hopefully get a little better idea of how things are progressing.


          Ryan W.

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            Anthony Botting

            Hi Tony: The nonlinear module is good for that - it has a "re-start" switch and "save data for restarting' switch you could use. I believe the re-start switch should really be labeled "continue from last time step" (to me, the term "re-start" seems to imply the analysis would start over again from the beginning). Sematics aside, if you are running a linear analysis, you can use the nonlinear module as it provides inherent saving of data at each step, anyway. I hope that helps. It's a nice function (turn off the option to use "large displacement" and and "large strain" you get a linear analysis solved by the nonlinear module). Cool beans.