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    Cocatenate and extract one letter from a $prp

    Jean Brun

      Hi all
      In a drawing, to create a barcode, I need to make up a note like  this:


      $PRPSHEET:"SW-File Name" & left($PRP:"SW-Sheet  Name",1)


      ie, make a note with one $prp value + the first letter of  another $prp value


      Is there a way to write that inside a  drawing?



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          Troy Peterson

          You will need to create your own script to do what you want to do...

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              Jean Brun

              Another way:

              Is there any way, for example in the part, to use some chain processing in a property :


              For example:





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                  Josh Brady

                  No.  There is no way to parse, modify, etc. custom property linked text in a drawing.  It is possible to do in a part or assembly model, but not a drawing.  You could create a macro that would update the note whenever it is run, but you can't have it automatically update.


                  If you could figure out a way to generate your bar code based solely on information in the part model (like not including the first letter of the sheet name) then it would be possible.

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                      Jean Brun

                      Not sure if I understand correctly (English is not my first language) -(or maybe I understand what I would like to)


                      Do you mean that I could, in a part, manipulate property chains and for example make a property from another. I have been trying that without succes so far, either with equations, or by trying to put a "syntaxly correct" VB value for the prop.


                      Would there be a way to have, in a part, for example:


                      property= left($PRP:"SW-Configuration Name", 1)





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                          Josh Brady

                          Yes.  You have to use VBA and SW API functions inside equations to do it.


                          The following equation will set the configuration-specific property "concat" to the first letter of the configuration name.


                          The property must exist already.  You can change the name of the property to whatever you want - just keep the name split in two pieces. 


                          "dummy"= part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.set("con" & "cat", left(part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.name,1))


                          The equation above will only set the property if it exists already.  If you are not certain that the property exists or not, you can use this equation:


                          "dummy"= iif(true,part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.delete("con" & "cat"),part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.add2("con" & "cat",30, left(part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.name,1)))

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                              Jean Brun

                              Hit the wrong button, sorry.


                              This is the right answer and it works beautifully.


                              Thanks again


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                                Jean Brun


                                I used your advice and came out with a working solution (SW2009). The only problem was that the equation would be added only to the current configuration. The solution was to edit the equation in SW -changing nothing, just edit and close- and then the equation was added to all configs.


                                Then we switched to SW2012:

                                When we apply the equation, it works fine, still to one config. If we edit the equation, we get a syntax error, that I can't find. It works fine if we go through all configs and call the macro for every one. But in some cases we have 40 configs...




                                The macro that writes equation:


                                Dim swApp As Object


                                Dim Part As Object

                                Dim boolstatus As Boolean

                                Dim longstatus As Long, longwarnings As Long


                                Sub main()


                                Set swApp = Application.SldWorks


                                Set Part = swApp.ActiveDoc

                                boolstatus = Part.Extension.SelectByID2("Equations", "EQNFOLDER", 0, 0, 0, False, 0, Nothing, 0)

                                Part.ClearSelection2 True



                                Part.AddRelation """dummy""= iif(true,part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.delete(""let"" & ""tre""),part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.add2(""let"" & ""tre"",30, left(part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.name,1)))"

                                End Sub



                                The equation written in SW:


                                "dummy"  = iif ( "true" , "part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.delete" ( "let" "&" "tre" ) , "part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.custompropertymanager.add2" ( "let" "&" "tre" , 30 , left ( "part.configurationmanager.activeconfiguration.name" , 1 ) ) )


                                (adds the "lettre" config specific property valued with 1st caracter of the config. name)