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    Any fix for material library settings?

    Tony Gatta

      I've noticed the materials library getting flakier and flakier. My settings are almost ALWAYS

      lost.  IE I choose a material.. set it up accordingly (values, etc) and SAVE.  If I go back into

      the library to make a change, all of my settings are gone and (usually) it reverts to Alloy Steel.


      Its quite frustrating when setting up a complex material model with a lot of data.  The "save to file"

      works, but after that, there's no way to pull the file back in.


      Has anyone experienced this?  Are there any fixes / work around?  I'm on 2010 sp4.0



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          Bill McEachern

          I agree it behaves that way and I have not found anything to fix it.

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              Anthony Botting

              Tony I assume you use copy/paste method into library 'Custom Materials'? It's supposed to be a blue-colored folder at the bottom of the Apply/Edit material dialog. I have had good success with that. Using that dialog, I created a new "Category" under "Custom Materials". Then, I copy and pasted an existing material to that category and edited it - then saved it. This appears to write to a file labeled "Custom Materials.sldmat" located in (in Win 7) an obscure location, not readily identifiable: "C:\ProgramData\SolidWorks\SolidWorks 2010\Custom Materials" (notice the path has "ProgramData" and not "Program Files"). Anyway, I found it in there. It turns out to be an xml file and you can copy it and open it into a text editor. I have experimented with moving that file around- if you move it outta there - blam, your custom stuff is no longer in the materials dialog. Alternatively, I have created a location on my drive for our custom materials, then "added" the path to SolidWorks' "Material Databases" in the System Options/File Locations dialog, and voila, I see the custom materials from within the Apply/Edit materials dialog. Can you make it work like that? I've got SW 2010, SP3 x64 on this particular machine. I believe there was much flakiness in earlier versions ,but it appears to be straightforward, now. - Tony