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    Area hatch scale tied to size of area???

    Daen Hendrickson

      I am using SW2010 SP4.


      I found a few other discussions talking around this issue but could never see a definitive answer.


      I am adding some area hatch patterns to a drawing. The area boundary selected for the hatch/fill is a rectangle sketched over the drawing view (using this to highlight a general area on a floor plan). I am applying the identical hatch pattern and the hatch scale is set to 1 for all areas. However, the hatch scale is visibly different and seems to be in proportion to the size of the bouding rectangle. Changes to the hatch scale seem to have no effect. Note the boundaries have no association with the model.


      Of course I wanted to show an example so I opened a new blank drawing (the SolidWorks supplied A drawing template) and created two rectangles - big and little. And the hatch pattern looks identical between the two. Go figure! So I captured the issue with my actual drawing. Note that the green and orange areas have the identical pattern and scale to the other areas.


      One of the discussions suggested that the area fill scale was indeed tied to the fill size... Can anyone confirm or dispell this and offer any suggestions to adjust the fill pattern scale.