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Error on check-in: "The file is open in another application"

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2010 by Kent Keller

I am in the process of cleaning up file references and custom properties on all of our files before checking them into the vault.  To verify that there are no missing references, I start a check-in so that the check-in dialog is displayed.  If all is well, I then cancel the dialog, since I have other clean-up work to do before checking the files in.  If there are reference problems, I correct them and then repeat the check-in until all issues have been resolved.


Today, I started seeing this error message



on a handful of files.  These file exist only on my hard drive.  No other user has access to them.  I have closed all open applications, checked the task manager for 'hidden' instances of SW, Word, Excel, Acrobat, eDrawings, etc to make sure nothing is inadvertently holding these files.  I have logged off and logged back in, making sure to open no applications other than Windows Explorer to attempt a check-in, but the error is still there.


Has anyone else seen this?  If so, is there an explanation and/or solution to this problem?


Jim S.