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Problem - Pipe appearing inside pipe

Question asked by George Skribas on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2010 by George Skribas

Hi guys,


I am running SW2010 SP2.1.


Check the two snapshots that indicate my problem. This is more of a non critical problem or so it seams.


I believe that in large pipe assemblies it can slow down the modelling procedure, since the fact that i cannot be sure that it doesnt affect BOM (that's critical if you are going to order double meters of pipes that you ll finally not use)


This appears every time i change the length of a pipe spool or change diameter of a route. The first pipe (blue pipe in pic 2 is before modification) doesnt seam to dissapear until i close the skech, rebuilt and save. But not all of the initial pipes dissapear. Usually there is an underlying pipe inside the pipe in my spools. The odd thing is that i can click once onto the pipe, not the sketch of the route but the pipe, select it (becomes blue colored), press delete and then this underlying section of pipe is deleted until the next time it appears.These files appear at the feauture manager tree but not twice. It happens with  elbows as well but not tees, valves, reducers etc.


I have noticed it happening in larger piping spools with a lot of valves inside. In testing spools of 10-20meters it doesnt seem to appear.


Has anyone noticed anything similar Are these extra underlying pipe junk files?Are they included in the BOM?