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    Why the displacement value is different between these 2 simulation?

    Chee Hong Oo

      The system is in equilibrium with zero net force. Since apply force 570N & counterforce 570N.


      Why the displacement value is different & the direction also different?



      Restraint at leaf spring

      9-30-2010 2-21-55 PM.png


      Apply 570N

      9-30-2010 2-28-39 PM.png


      Counter force 570N

      9-30-2010 2-30-13 PM.png


      Displacement 0.0134mm downward.

      9-30-2010 2-31-35 PM.png

      and compare below with same constraint but only change the "area" of apply force



      Apply force 570N still the same.

      9-30-2010 2-35-41 PM.png


      displacement 0.052mm upward.

      9-30-2010 2-38-06 PM.png