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Why the displacement value is different between these 2 simulation?

Question asked by Chee Hong Oo on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2010 by Chee Hong Oo

The system is in equilibrium with zero net force. Since apply force 570N & counterforce 570N.


Why the displacement value is different & the direction also different?



Restraint at leaf spring

9-30-2010 2-21-55 PM.png


Apply 570N

9-30-2010 2-28-39 PM.png


Counter force 570N

9-30-2010 2-30-13 PM.png


Displacement 0.0134mm downward.

9-30-2010 2-31-35 PM.png

and compare below with same constraint but only change the "area" of apply force



Apply force 570N still the same.

9-30-2010 2-35-41 PM.png


displacement 0.052mm upward.

9-30-2010 2-38-06 PM.png