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Standalone SW 2010 Std licensing issues

Question asked by Henry Etteldorf on Sep 30, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2010 by Henry Etteldorf

I have a SW 2010 Standard license.  (No on-site license server)   After installing 2010 I attempted to open a file the toolbar started to be drawn then the application closed.   This happened every time until I bypassed the firewall and our web filtering.   Since doing that 30 minutes ago, it seems fine.


My questions

Do I only need to get through the firewall once to successfully register and will never have this problem again?

Or, will I need to periodically access some DDS server, and my program will start existing again when I try to open a file?

If the answer is the second,  what are the server and ports I need to ensure access to?


Henry Etteldorf