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Render farms and Solidworks

Question asked by George Skribas on Sep 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 11, 2011 by George Skribas

Hello there,


I have seen a post back from 2008 about render farms that weren't supported by solidworks.


Has anything changed? Is there any support in SW2010 or SW2011 for render farms?


I am not able to find any render manager to be compatible with solidworks. I want to use it mainly for rendering (photoview for now) and a little for simulation which i believe are the only parallel processes in solidworks.


If anyone has any workaround in case of no support please suggest.


My thought is that i could import an assembly to modo or 3ds max, or a similar program and then make a render farm with support for these programs.


But in that case you loose all appearances and have to readd it. And 3ds  max is expensive. And its of course the learning curve for any of these  programs etc..Maybe, modo would be the only solution, but there is a drawback there as well regarding importing files correctly etc....This discussion can become endless....


So, for start lets find out if anything has changed regarding render farms and SW support for it.