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Project List... Checking In.. How Do You Cope???

Question asked by Trev Rich on Sep 29, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2010 by Kenneth Barrentine

Ok.. I underway with learning all about PDM thanks to Ken :thumbsup:

I've entered a few test projects on a local vault. But what I've noticed straight away is that all projects and sub-projects appear in one long list??

So... If you go to check in a new project...   You have the project "folder" in place on PDM..      On the check in page,   I select what project I'm checking into..

Now when I have 2000 + jobs on the system, and projects holding all the standard common files etc. I will have a huge list? no tree funcionalty at all?

I have to pick which project I'm checking into from one long long list?


Doesn't anyone find this a bit archaic or am I missing a stupidly simply workaround?