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    SimulationXpress on Assembly

      Hi all,


      I'm trying to make a simple simulation in Solidworks but I keep getting the same error.


      Situation: 2 plates, bolted together in overlap

      Model: the plates are parts, new assembly in which the plates are bolted together through the 'fast smarteners'


      When clicking on 'SimulationXpress' to add loads to the model, I get the error that SimulationXpress does not support the Assembly. I try to study the impact on the shear stresses in the bolts when applying different forces to the plates.


      Is there another way for me to simulate this?


      Many thanks,


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          Ryan Werner

          Hi Jean,


          Express does not support Assemblies as it has told you so unless you can get a hold of a full version of Simulation you will not be able to analyze the assembly.  However, you can try saving the assembly as a part and then run your analysis that way.


          Ryan W.

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            Chris Michalski

            The Xpress simulation only works on single components, not assemblies.  Take the part you want to investigate and apply the resulting forces on that single part.  i.e. make a small surface on the bolt where each plate touches it and apply the forces there.


            You need one of the actual simulation packages to simulate assemblies of mutliple bodies and have it resolve the internal forces.