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New computer purchase - specs

Question asked by 1-TOFT6I on Sep 28, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2010 by Geoffrey Leonard

I am the IT administrator for a department at a university.  I have been asked to spec a new computer whose use will primarily be Solidworks (and other drawing packages).    I am looking at Dell computers and for several reasons, I would MUCH prefer to get a high end Optiplex over a Precision.


My question pertains to the video card selection.  The highest end video card on the Optiplex line is the Nvidia GeForce GT330.   But the only Nvidia cards listed on the Solidworks website are the Quadro line.   I have a feeling that a website that lists combatibilities will be out of date almost from the minute it is available - so my question is:


Will this video card work?   Or are there known issues with it?\



PS: I tried to post this in the Administration forum, but it was grey'd out.  This forum was pretty much my only choice.