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    Drawing Flyouts

    Bonnie Caruthers

      Can I get rid of these?  I thought I had, but maybe not, seems they are back.  Everytime I go near a dim, not or just linger on the sheet I get these flyouts telling me the dim, view and drawing number. Thanks!!


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          Scott McFadden


          They have been around as long as I can remember and that is since 2000.


          They never bothered me.  I found the dimension pallette way more agravating.


          I don't know if there is a way to turn them off.  I always found them useful.

          Nice to know the code at times incase you ever need it for a formula.

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              Bonnie Caruthers

              Hi Scott,


              I guess I just like the option of turning things off and on.  Things that flyout at me and cover up other info just annoy me .  I have a seizure disorder and all these little things are one more thing for my brain to process.  I thought they were gone but maybe just b/c I was recently in Pro/E and got used to not having them.


              How is Pro/E going for you?



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                  Scott McFadden

                  Hi Bonnie,

                  Nice to chat with you again.

                  Oh, I can understand the flying out annoyance thing.  I am sorry to hear about your disorder.

                  Can I offer a suggestion?  If you have the problem of these flyouts because of congestion

                  what about larger views so your dimensions are more spaced out so maybe this would happen less?

                  Just a thought.


                  Pro-E?  At my old job I got a lead on a position that was looking for people with Pro-E experience.

                  So while I had the opportunity at my old job they allowed me the last 1.5 weeks I was there to brush

                  up on my Pro-E skills.  Well, that job never panned out and thank the Lord when I got home from my

                  last job there was a call from the place I am working now and they hired me.  I was working within a week.

                  And I am using Solidworks again.  God is good!!!


                  So, no more Pro-E...at least for now. 

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                      Bonnie Caruthers

                      Hey Scott


                      The disorder is minor, but enough to have visual things disturbing.  I just have to some brain retraining.  Thanks for the larger view ideas, but much of my work is for other people and the drawing size is often designated.  I am sure I can get used ot once I know I must!


                      You must be relieved re: the ProE thing.  I must say, it is tough going back and forth considering I was just getting a handle on WF5 and new to SW - talk about brain retrain! lol!;;;I


                      Not sure if I should start a new thread for this or not, but is it possible to keep dims from constantly snapping to others?  I have snapping off but there is the Aligning and Inference lines.  I like it for finishing a drawing but in the process I sometimes want to move things around & get them out of the way and they still line up with others.  I have searched the help and properties to no avail.  I am just so picky!!