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    Changing Rev Table Font Size...

    Brian Dalton

      I'm using SW 2010 sp4 and I'm trying to customize the revision table template.  I want to change the font size from the default 12 points to 10 points.  I can change the existing text in the header rows, but it doesn't affect the text in revisions added later.


      If I click a cell once, it shows me 12 pts as the font size, if I double click the cell, it highlights the text in the cell and I can change that to 10.  Fine, but when I exit the cell then single click it again, it shows me 12 pts, even though the text is still at 10 pts.


      If I change the value of all the cells (single click as well as double click) to 10 pts, then when I add a revision the new row comes in with all cells at 10 pts.




      If I save this table as a template and insert it in a new drawing:


           the header text shows as 10 pts

           the 'single click' font size of all cells has reverted to 12 pts

           all cells in a new revision row are created at 12 pts


      I can't figure out how to save the template such that when inserted, ALL cells will ALWAYS be 10 pts.  It simply refuses to remember that I changed the font sizes to 10 pts.


      The help file is useless here (as is almost always true), so if anybody has figured this one out, I would be very grateful for a few tips.