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To Many Lines & Dims in one sketch

Question asked by RICH PAUZA on Sep 28, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2010 by RICH PAUZA

Hello Everyone,


This is a new problem for me.


I have 100 cord lines & points to draw on a small diameter face ( .300 )


I have cord length & angle Dims for each one.


I was able to input all my data - but my screen is a mess.


Is there any way to put the Dims on layers so I can only bring up cords or only bring up angles....???



Second Question,  I learned to watch my auto snaps closely - then learned how to turn them off when I was not getting the cord Dim I wanted ( was getting vertical Dims ) instead.


But I can not seem to edit them after I find My mistake.    I wanted cord length & after I typed in the Dim box It ended up as a Delta Y  -   The only way it seems I can fix this is to delete it & do it over.


Is there a way to edit this with out the re-do....?