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Frequency modes different based on number requested

Question asked by Peter Holmi on Sep 28, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 4, 2011 by Matthew Jackson

Does anyone know the reason that the resonant frequency results are dependant on the number of requested frequencies?  I am running an assembly through several studies and found that if I choose the number of frequencies at 6 rather than 3, the resultant modes are nearly identical whether the mesh is nearly course or fine.  However, if I request only 3 modes, the convergence takes longer the the resultant frequencies differ by 2% from the request for 6 modes.  Also, with a request for 3 modes, the mesh quality affects the results to a larger degree.  For the study, I am not interested in the results above 500 Hz; however, I am interested in accurate, repeatable results and it seems that I need to run the higher frequencies to satisfy SolidWorks.  SW2010, SP4