SolidWorks Search

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 31, 2006
I like the speed of the new search functionality in 2007, but I have questions regarding its proper use in a network environment with multiple users. In the vault admin tool, there is an option to build an index for the vault which must be turned on in order to use the faster searching capabilities in 2007. My question is how does this interaction occur with multiple users searching the vault. Is there just one index built and maintained by the vault server that is searchable by each client, or does each client create its own index? I don't believe the latter to be the case, but just verifying. I assume this index is stored on the vault server and maintained by the vault server. Is this correct? Also, in regards to searching for files outside the vault what is the best way to set up the search functionality so that each user does not have to scan the network each day to build their own index to search within? Is there a way to share indexes among search users? How about if you wanted to search your own hard drive and certain network directories. Could you share the portion of the index for the network drives and keep everyone else from looking at your own hard drive? Am I clear in my questions? I am trying to understand if we can use the search functionality for a group of users within the parameters my IT dept would like. They do not want 10 users building their own index of network files, and rightfully so. Can anyone shed some light on the matter?

Pete Yodis