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Solidworks 2009 and Windows 7

Question asked by 1-3P0X4J on Sep 27, 2010
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I am running SW 2009 SP 2.1 on Windows 7 and i am having a few problems. My SW distributor told me that SW 2009 was not supported on Windows 7, is this correct? I often create DXF and 3D pdf files from my 2D drawings/3D models and i have noticed that in the case of creating the dxf files the "options" button in the dialogue box when i go to "Save As" is not there anymore. When trying to create a 3D pdf from a model, again i go to "Save as" but the tick box which said "create a 3D pdf" is no longer there. Has anyone else found problems like this running SW 2009 on Win 7? Is there a list of compatibility problems running SW 2009 on Win 7 anywhere as i couldn't find one?


Many thanks for your help.


Mark Douglas