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Part drawings varying based on assm configs

Question asked by 1-TNS376 on Sep 27, 2010
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Hi everyone
I've created a top-down assembly of a machine that  varies in width. There is a 16", 20", 24", and 32" wide version of the  machine. The width is controlled by a layout sketch with a dimension set  by the Design Table/Configurations. Some of the sheet metal parts vary in width due to changing size of the assembly.


I  need to create drawings for fabricators to bend these parts and need  accurate dimensions. In order to do this, I created an external file  from the virtual parts, then inserted them into the drawing. I can't  seem to figure out how to make separate drawing files based on the  various configurations of the parent assembly. All the drawing models seem to take on the dimensions of whatever configuration the assembly is currently in.


This topic seems related:

They seem to have solved his problem, but I'm having trouble replicating their solution. I've created configs for my parts and referenced them from the assembly configs, but the dimensions don't seem to change independent of the current configuration state of the assembly.


(I can't post the files because they are work related and private)