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About installing solidworks on a server

Question asked by Anthony Poujol on Sep 25, 2010
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I have a project school about the Solidworks installation. They asked me to modify the installation of Solidworks on the server.


I explain, at the moment, they use once solidwork per computer and the server is here just for recover data. there are about 70-80 computer with solidoworks. And the problem is that when they want to switch the solidworks version, they must reinstall solidworks computer per computer.


So, they want a centralisation of solidworks. it would be install only on the server... And the other computers will receive the Solidworks image. Or if it's possible they would work directly on the server.


I would like to know if it's possible to block this problem?  Is it possible to make virtual machines copied on the server? Or better, is there a special version of SLD server for use only one solidworks on one server for 50 computer for example?


I said that the project is for a school and so they use the educational version


In advance thank you,




PS: Sorry for my English, i am a french student.