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    x-y co-ordinate table for spline curve

    Bill Weisman

      Hi All,

      Design a part with a 2D curve shape on one edge.  Is there a way of creating a x-y table for points on that curve in drawing?

      Otherwise, I'll have to setup a origin point and measure all of the reference points for that curve.


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          Harold Brunt

          I haven't tried this so take it for it's worth but, perhaps you could generate your curve using a design table driven spline with the number of reference points you desire. Then import the X-Y coordinates as an Excel table into your drawing.

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            Chris Michalski

            I know this is an old post, but I just had to do this and was excited that I figured out a way around the limitations of SW so I wanted to share :-)


            I have an elliptical surface to be machined without CAM software.  So....

            Make a sketch and convert the contoured edge.

            Make an intersecting line and linear pattern it for the resolution desired.

            Add a hole feature and put a hole at each intersection of the edge and pattern.

            Make a drawing and add a hole table of that feature.

            Save as PDF.

            Open PDF, select hole table data, copy, paste into Excel. (but it puts each row into a single cell, it doesn't separate the data)

            Save as text.

            Open text file and set "space" as a delimiter.  Voila, X,Y data table for the points in question.


            At least with this scheme when you update the geometry you just have to save a new PDF and re-do the Excel portion.