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Motion Study Mate Problem

Question asked by Gerhard Hieronymus on Sep 23, 2010

I've been using motion studies to make animations of my assemblies for clients.  With simple assemblies I've been able to make some pretty neat videos however, with my complex assemblies I've been running into problems.  It seems that the motion studies are ignoring many of my mates especially distance and angle limits.  For example I will extend a piston in a cylinder and in my final position the piston will stop at the cylinder cap but when I press play the piston continues through the cap and right out of the cylinder.  Also, many times when I move a part that has a bolt mated to a bolt hole again everything looks fine until I press play and the part moves but leaves the bolt behind.  I should also mention that instead of getting the nice yellow bar across the top of my timeline (which I get when there's no problem), the bar switches to red.  I'm obviously a beginner when it comes to using motion studies so any pointers that anyone can offer would be a huge help.  Thanks!


P.S.  On a completely different subject can anyone tell me why cosmetic thread outlines bleed through solid objects.  I've stopped using them entirely.