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    Motion Gear Mate Problems

      Sorry if it was hard to understand the previous message. IIt might be easier to understand the gear mate problem with the attached assebly. I have a very simple assembly, which behaves properly when running a Simulation in SW, but doesn't behave properly when running a Simulation in Motion. Help for Motion says that Gear Mates are mapped into Motion. It shows the Gear Mate and SW Simulation mapped into Motion. I don't understand why the Gear Mate won't work. I tried replacing the Gear Mate with a coupler, but since the axis of one gear translates when the gear moves, the coupler doesn't work.

      Could I put the real gears in the model and use the teeth pushing against each other for the Motion Simulation? If so, I'm not sure how to set up all of the contacting faces and edges for both gears.

      I'm using SW 2006 sp5.0 and Motion sp5.0.

      Thanks for your help Rick

        • Motion Gear Mate Problems
          According to the help documentation, GEAR MATE is supposed to be mapped into Motion. The design tree shows the gear mate mapped into Motion, but when I run a simulation, the gear mate does not work properly. When I move the arm in the assembly by hand, it works properly. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Files attached.

          • Motion Gear Mate Problems
            Peter Gillespie

            I just started using motion, SW 2006 sp 5.1 & motion sp 5.1, and the gear mate did map fine.

            For anyone else reading,
            I am wondering how to do a rack & pinion setup in motion. Any thoughts?
            And actually, I would like to have a real simulation of any gears if possible, not a gear mate. My meaning is that they would contact in CosmosMotion, which would cause the movement to take place. Thanks!