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    FEM study "STAR"-error

    Morten Larsen

      I've created an assembly made up from a number of parts, fixed some points, and put some forces on, in order to make a FEM study.


      Then i've created a H-adaptive mesh, which seems to work fine.


      When i then press "Run" to make the analysis, i get an error message, saying "STAR stopped working", and then i can do nothing but close the program "STAR", whatever that is.


      Then i get the error message "Database not found", and the FEM study failed..


      Does anyone know, what causes this problem, and how to avoid it?


      I'm using SolidWorks 2010-11 SP 3.1, educational version | Windows 7 Professional 32-bit | Lenovo T500 |


      Photo of error is attached (Danish text, i apologize)

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          Ryan Werner

          Hi Morten,


          Are you saving your results to a network drive or somewhere on your own hard drive?  Sometimes, if you are saving the mesh data to a network drive it takes too long for your computer to get the mesh data and Simulation will tell you that it cannot find the database.  Also, which solver are your using, Iterative or Direct Sparse?  I have models where the Iterative solver will not run the study and will just shut down.  Try the Direct Sparse.


          Hope this helps.


          Ryan W.