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FEM study "STAR"-error

Question asked by Morten Larsen on Sep 23, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2010 by Ryan Werner

I've created an assembly made up from a number of parts, fixed some points, and put some forces on, in order to make a FEM study.


Then i've created a H-adaptive mesh, which seems to work fine.


When i then press "Run" to make the analysis, i get an error message, saying "STAR stopped working", and then i can do nothing but close the program "STAR", whatever that is.


Then i get the error message "Database not found", and the FEM study failed..


Does anyone know, what causes this problem, and how to avoid it?


I'm using SolidWorks 2010-11 SP 3.1, educational version | Windows 7 Professional 32-bit | Lenovo T500 |


Photo of error is attached (Danish text, i apologize)