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Can't add connectors to ribbon cable route...

Question asked by Darryl Daniel on Sep 22, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2010 by Andy Hughes

I need some help with creating a ribbon cable.  I've got my connectors modeled up, and I've added ribbon cable connection points on each connector.  My problem, is that when I'm ready to create the route, I can only get one of the connectors to actually be a part of the route.  Here are the general steps:

1) In top-level assembly, I have my PCB connectors assembled & also some virtual ribbon cable clips.  My PCB connector has mate references defined so mating the ribbon connector is easy.

2) When I insert a ribbon cable connector (also with mate references), it automatically creates the "harness" sub-assembly and starts the route (I can see the ribbon cable stub coming out of my connector so that part is OK)

3) With the auto route, I can route from that connector to the virtual clip no problem

4) PROBLEM - when I add my 2nd ribbon connector, it isn't part of the route sketch (no stub comes from the connector) - I can assemble it into the harness just fine.  But I can't figure out how to make it part of the route.  In the normal electrical routing of cables, you can simply right-click on the connection point and choose "add to route" no problem and then route from connector A to connector B...but in ribbon cable 3D route sketch, this isn't an option.  So, how do I add the connection point on my 2nd connector to the route path?  When I'm in the auto-route, it won't let me select anything on the 2nd connector (not the connection point, not a sketched point, not anything)


If you have any tips for how to do this, please respond.  I'm new to cable routing in general, but with the regular cables I've managed to get most of them to work.  But ribbon cables are just not working for me.