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Uninstalling the SDK2010 on a 64 bit system

Question asked by 1-TK7E4C on Sep 21, 2010

I'm having a problem upgrading my Software (Solidworks 2010 Student Design Kit). I'm currently running Windows 7, and when I try to uninstall the Solidworks 2010 (SDK2010), the INSTALLATION MANAGER SOFTWARE errors out stating that "Solidworks X86 (32 Bit) Edition can not be installed on a X64 Computerr running Vista or Windows 7". I can not uninstall this version of Solidworks SDK 2010 since the manger closes out after this error. I've searched your website to re-install the latest manager (15.4), however I can never get to a download page that works. I need to upgrade this software immediately since I am a student at St. Petersburg College (Clearwater Campus) and have a legal license for the full version we use in this class. Can you help of give me a link to where I can download the full version of Solidworks and help on uninstalling the SDK version.