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Help!  Beta PhotoView 360 scheduled rendering question...

Question asked by Nathan Sanko on Sep 21, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by Jonathan Ridley

I have scheduled up a 150 renderings that take about 6 minutes each.  First question:  Is there a limit on how many renderings I can schedule at one time?  Does the memory get bogged down and slow things down if I schedule too many?  Second question:  At some point, there was a glitch (I'm using the Beta) and my computer rebooted and now the renderings are taking twice as long as they should.  It shows that it is trying to render 2 images at once (it's stuck on one image).  How do I cancel a scheduled recording?  Everytime I reboot the computer it just picks up and takes off and starts rendering...I want to try to cancel out the one it's stuck on.  It will delete, but it's not fixing my problem.  It still seems hung up and it's still taking twice as long as it should to render an image.  Help!!