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Stray elements with excessive values?

Question asked by Peter Holmi on Sep 21, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by Peter Holmi

Does anyone know why SolidWorks sometimes gives "stray" elements with excessive values?  Over the last two weeks of multiple simulations, I have only one model with a maximum Von Mises stress of 8,584,023 psi while the real peak stress areas are running at about 60,000 psi. The peak stress occurrs at a small point on a face awash in stress values <1000 psi.  This is with a standard mesh size of 0.6 in and automatic transition.  The same thing happened with a mesh size of 0.7 in when the peak stress was 6 Mpsi.

SW 2010, V4

Analysis type Linear dynamic analysis (Random Vibration)
Mesh type Solid Mesh
Number of modes  10
Solver Type FFEPlus
Soft Spring Off
Improve accuracy for contacting surfaces with incompatible mesh (slower) On
Low Frequency Limit 5 Hz
Upper Frequency Limit 505 Hz
No. of output frequencies 10
Correlation Fully correlated

Mesh type Solid Mesh
Mesher Used Standard mesh
Automatic Transition Off
Include Mesh Auto Loops Off
Jacobian points 4 points
Element size 0.6 in
Tolerance 0.03 in
Mesh quality High
Total nodes 146338
Total elements 84375
Maximum Aspect Ratio  19.259
Percentage of elements
with Aspect Ratio < 3  80.4
Percentage of elements
with Aspect Ratio > 10  0.0332
% of distorted elements
(Jacobian)  0
Remesh failed parts with incompatible mesh Off
Time to complete mesh(hh:mm:ss) 00:00:20