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    Selecting reviewers and approvers

    Gary Hamm

      Is there a way in my workflow to have the it setup that when a drawing goes for review, the person Submitting the drawing must select their reviewer. ( preferably by a pull down menu) without having to create a separate flow for each manager? If so How?

      We have many different product lines and different managers based on the product line.

      I would hate to have to create a workflow for each product line if I can do it by other means.

      I already have 2 existing workflows and need help for the last one.


      1. Library parts: Initated - Approved By librarian.

      2. As Built Customer prints:. Initiated - reviewed by Application specialist - Approved by application Specialist.

      3. Standard parts - Reviewed by appropriate manager based on product line - Approved by Engineering Manager.





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          Jeremiah Davis

          Sure you can do this.  It can easily be accomplished by using notifications in the workflow and having a "Reviewers" group setup and make them available for the notifications.  It isn't really a drop-down menu, more of a check box.  The drawbacks are that you can process a workflow  without selecting anyone, so you might want to have a default person be notified.  You can also select multiple people for the notification.


          The only other real way to do this is to create an add-in that processes with the workflow.  The implementation might go much smoother, but the setup will be significantly more complicated.




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            Frank Pampreen



            Here is an option we offer our customers I call dynamic approval.  We integrate an add-in that controls the approval workflow with the use of file card of the ECO.  Here is brief demo of the feature.  http://www.youtube.com/user/CAPUniversity#p/c/B26C9D4AA5F02477/2/3mbrzyASJ0E.  If you have any questions about how it is implemented let me know.



            Frank Pampreen