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Adding legacy files to vault at current revision

Question asked by Lucas Dexter on Sep 21, 2010


          I know this has been asked in the past but I want to pose this question again and hopefully get some examples how to resolve it.  We are preparing to add many legacy files into our already established vault.  These legacy files have a revision variable used to specify the revision in the drawing and ultimately in the data card.  I would like to be able to pull the revision variable value and use it to change the EPDM revision upon checking the file into the vault.  This will eleviate the need for the file to go through some sort of "Revision" workflow manually which we utilize for files that are already in the vault.


          I have heard from several EPDM admins, programmers, users, etc. there is now a method in the API that will allow the revision variable to be used for this purpose.  Is there any way someone out there can give at least a hint as to how to go about this?  The issue is, I understand programming concepts but I am not a programmer.  I am doing research for one of our programmers so he can write some sort of add-in with the API to resolve our legacy file revision dilemma.

          There are a couple unknowns we are dealing with:


1) Which method to use to grab the variable value

2) Which method to use to change the EPDM revision

3) Which variable in the database represents the EPDM revision


The overall concept seems pretty straight forward.  Once we know these things I think we will have a better chance at creating the program.


Any help is appreciated.