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Custom Property Mapping CustomWorks/Custom Tools Etc.

Question asked by Joseph Ankers on Sep 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by Joseph Ankers

Firstly I was not sure where to put this - Could do with a "custom property" tab in "add In" or something?


Im new to solid works customisation. Im currently Looking into some Custom property mapping for a Small company. We have a ERP/MRP System but with a difficult to use database.


I cant help but feel i can get the result i want using custom property manager and clever use of the tools already available rather then  paying for customwork or custom tools, however these do seem to give me what i need.


Basically I need a open database that is easy to use with properties easily accessible.


I need to be able to manage standard solidworks propertys such as









Also Properties Driven by the model




selected Lengths

Selected Surface area


(which looks possible on Customworks here : )


or is this limited to thickness etc?


So as far as i am under the impression Solid works Saves Its Custom property data within a "closed" database? is there anyway to make this accessible? Or is this difficult?


If it is What is the best program to use Customworks/custom tools any other suggestions?




Idealy i need this in a Tab/save format so that it is easy to populate for each model/assem but this might be asking to much!?