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Parts not displaying in Assembly

Question asked by Mark Duffill on Sep 21, 2010
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I'm trying to help a colleague - who is experiencing (or probably causing!) some issues in SW 2010 SP 4 assembly mode.

The problem:

When he opens an assembly (converted from a sat file so all parts are listed as 'imported1' etc...) the assembly displays briefly as solidworks loads.

However when Feature Manager Design tree is populated, the assembly is no longer visible.

None of the parts are hidden or suppressed. I've tried hiding and unhiding to no avail. Also when I try to suppress a part, the state does not change - it remains saying 'suppress'. Strangely when I checked the mates, they were all greyed out, and when I hover over them a bubble says it can't be displayed because it has 'one or more suppressed components'..!

I suspected lightweight issues, but the same problem occurs in either mode. Also suspected Large Assembly mode.. but the fault is the same on my workstation where large assembly mode is not enabled.

If I 'find references' the parts are listed in the correct locations -but are listed [Not Open] by the side of each..


I'm now struggling with this.. I'm hoping a daft setting has been enabled here and can be switched off.. any help would be appreciated!



assembly grab.JPG