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October 7th Meeting - SET!

Question asked by Kelly Frazier on Sep 20, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2010 by Kelly Frazier

Hi everyone.


The next COSUG meeting is set:


Thursday, October 7th, 2:45pm - 5:00pm



Edwards House

402 W. Mountain Avenue

Fort Collins, CO 80521


This meeting space is limited to 35 people, so PLEASE RSVP when that email gets sent out. 



We will have a few OtterBox product developers on-hand to give a presentation on how they use SolidWorks to create their products ( 


We will also have a Qdoba taco bar and refreshments during our break and networking time.


We will have another Q&A session as well, so bring your SW files and questions and the group can help answer anything. 


See you in a few weeks!