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repost?  "Custom Textures - see thru"

Question asked by Joseph Nosal on Sep 18, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2010 by Joseph Nosal

I have searched and nobody really answers this question very well.


I need to make a model (1mm thick by ØX disc) of a woven wire mesh. I don't want to do it with modeling/patterns for file size and processing power issues. I could put the "chain link" texture but that is not what I am specifying in my assembly, I am specifying woven wire mesh and therfore it doesn't carry down to a spec control drawing very well. Any way to create a custom see through texture of woven mesh?


There are tons of images that are perfect for me to use, what is the specific process of taking an image such as the file attached and making it into a texture in Solidworks that will be "see through" in the opening like the "chain link"?


I have been at this for hours and can't find a solution, but it must be possible..right?!?!


Thanks for the help!!!!!