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Intel graphics in Windows 7

Question asked by 1-TB3JS6 on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2011 by Albert Solomon

Ok, I know that integrated graphics is not supported by SW and so I am already swimming upstream.


I have a new Lenovo T410 running Windows 7, and I am attempting to run SW2010 sp4. I don't expect great performance, but I don't need it since I am not working with big assemblies or fancy applearances, and I can be patient if the computer is a little slower or choppy when rotating views etc. I could even live with the occasional crash.


The problem is SW refuses to run AT ALL with the Intel(R) HD Graphics Driver (v SW will run with the generic VGA driver, but this leaves my computer with severely reduced functionality, including losing the ability to use an external monitor or projector correctly.


I have the latest version of the Intel driver, and I've already gone through most of the other troubleshooting options. Note that I can adjust settings in SW by uninstalling the driver and running SW under the generic driver, then reinstalling the Intel driver. The "Use software OpenGL" option is already checked (and grayed out).


What I am hoping is that someone on the forum knows of a workaround that is better than the generic VGA driver, such as changing some deep, dark setting in a SolidWorks config file, changing the configuration of the Intel driver somehow, installing an older Intel driver or one for a related chipset that would "sort of" work, some kind of OpenGL add-on for the driver to give it the required functionality, or third party graphics card emulation software that I could use to "trick" SW into running, even if horrendously slow. I might even be willing to install an XP partition or roll back the whole machine to XP if I knew that would solve the problem forever.


It just seems ridiculous that a program as widely used as SW would FAIL ENTIRELY to work with probably the most common graphics driver in the laptop market. My old XP PC had integrated graphics and SW2010 sp4 worked just fine, and I know from searches in this forum that SW usually works with integrated graphics, even with degraded performance.


Anyone else having the same problem?