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Hiding a component in multiple configurations, as opposed to display states.

Question asked by Charley Leonard on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2010 by Charley Leonard

I've always been challenged on this particular issue, I think. I'm a pretty savy user, but when I bring this up in user group meetings, I'm usually met with people telling me I just don't understand the benefit of display states.  Maybe that's true...


In my understanding of things, display states are a great when you don't change positions.  My configurations often show different positions of moving parts, and I'd still ike to be able to click on one or more components and chose "hide in all configurations" or "show in all configurations" like I used to be able to (was in the "edit menu" like it still is for supress and unsupress).  The explanation I always get is that you can do these things in "all display states", but that doesn't help me when I'm using lots of configurations (and for good reason, I think).  Would it be too much to ask to just give us back the option we used to have to hide and show things in multiple configurations at the same time, like we used to be able to do?


Anyone else with me on this, or am I still missing something?