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in-context references don't update during motion simulation??

Question asked by 1-QOZ3NK on Sep 17, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 20, 2010 by 1-QOZ3NK

Hi everyone,


I have a mechanism that involves components that are "floating" between springs, and I'd like to be able to 1) simulate the movement of those components in response to a motor input and 2) create an animation of this movement that includes the springs expanding and contracting.


As is pretty well documented elsewhere, I've successfully introduced spring parts that deflect in response to component movement by creating the parts in context and referencing their heights externally, to the assembly components. I have also set up an "Animation" in which I define the movement of the components, and I can watch the springs deflect accordingly.


However, when I try to create actual simulation of the mechanism (as a "Motion Analysis") I have problems. For this, I put in some "Linear Spring" simulation elements where the spring parts already exist. When I apply my external loads, which should move the components and thereby compress/extend the spring parts, the components move as they should, but the spring parts don't change. In other words, motion analysis doesn't seem to update the spring parts in response to changes in their external references.


It seems to me that this should be possible, considering videos like this:


This is supposedly a motion simulation, but you can clearly see the springs on the suspension members contracting/extending as they should.


Any advice?


Thank you,